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Q: Why store documents and treaties electronically?

A: The Nuclear Files is one effort to provide the average person access to important documents that often disappear from the public realm and seem to be accessible only to specialists who know how to search dusty archives. We hope that you will find the documents, speeches, and treaties to be pertinent and informative.

Q: How accurate are the documents?

A: Many documents were scanned and edited by volunteers and have been checked by one of our staff members. We are pretty sure that we have avoided all errors. However, all documents have been transcribed and edited by humans.  Please, report errors immediately to us via email.

Q: Can I suggest a document to be added to the collection?

A: All documents will be considered individually. All documents must be in the public domain or be freely transmittable. Copyrighted works or works that have restrictions on retransmission (other than that they be unaltered and intact) will not be accepted even with the author’s or publisher’s permission.

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