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Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council includes the following college and university professors:

  • Professor Richard Falk, Princeton University
  • Dr. Frank Settle, Washington and Lee University
  • Dr. Michael Wallace, University of British Columbia
  • Dr. Tom Whaley, Washington and Lee University
  • Dr. Lawrence S. Wittner, State University of New York, Albany

(Organizational affiliations shown above for information only and do not constitute endorsement of the Nuclear Files project by the institutions listed.)

If you are interested in joining the Nuclear Files Advisory Council, please email us.

Photo Credits

The Nuclear Files site includes photographs from:

  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Jim Corley
  • Robert Del Tredici
  • US Army


The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation would like to express deep appreciation for current and previous financial support received from:  Alan Philips, MD, Project Ploughshares, W. Alton Jones Foundation, The John Merck Fund, Ploughshares Fund, The Simons Foundation.

Nuclear Files.org is part of the National Science Digital Library, funded by the Division of Undergraduate Education. National Science Foundation Grant #0085657.


The Nuclear Files web site has received the Academic Info Award and the Critical Mass Award. The website was also featured as USA Today's Site of the Day.

Special Thanks

Special thanks go to all those who have pioneered delivering information about nuclear weapons, waste, and energy on the Web: